Using Group-ecard

Group-ecard can be used to either send an ecard to one person (One to Many Recipient) from a group of people, or from a group of people to one person (Many to One). In either case, there are a few terms we use that you should be familiar with:

Sponsor – This is the person that starts the Group-ecard process and sends emails out to groups of people.

Recipient – This is the person (or persons)  that receive(s) the Group-ecard.

Signer – Signers are the people that receive an email invitation to sign the Group-ecard.


The sponsor initiates the process by signing up to create a Group-ecard. the sponsor pays a fee ($5.00) to start this process. For an optional fee of $8.00, the sponsor can have a hardcopy of the Group-ecard mailed to the recipient via US mail. The sponsor will be able to manually enter the email addresses, import them from a list, or import them from their contacts.